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Tactile stud ME-500

Indoor self- adhesive tactile stud type ME-500

In accordance with the international norm ISO 23599/2012.
Dimensions:  Ø 35 x 5 mm
Made of elastomer (self-adhesive belt) and two-component cold plastic.
The basic belt is glue-coated in the bottom (on polyurethane basis) and covered by a protection film.
Colour:  white, black, yellow or grey
Suitable only for indoor applications, on surfaces such as clay, marble or granite tiles, etc.
Installation using glue that is already pre-applied at the bottom of the product.
















Available colour combinations with order numbers:

ME-5001-S   Tactile stud Ø35×5 mm white
ME-5002-S   Tactile stud Ø35×5 mm black
ME-5003-S   Tactile stud Ø35×5 mm yellow
ME-5004-S   Tactile stud Ø35×5 mm grey
ME-5005-S   Tactile stud Ø35×5 mm red