Hendi FriendlyСистемы ориентации для слепых
и слабовидящих

About us

Handi-friendly s.r.o. was founded in 2012, but we have been engaged in products for the orientation of visually impaired persons already for several years. The increased demand for these specific products, that were completely different from the others in our portfolio, led us to the decision to establish a new company, that woud be specialized exclusively in this market segment. Our target is to provide the customers not only with a complete range of products for the orientation of visually impaired, but also with the professional support during installations and consulting services.

Handi-friendly s.r.o. is a producer, supplier and installer of a wide portfolio of orientation systems for blind and visually handicapped persons. We are focused on exterior as well as on interior applications of tactile ground surface indicators. Our product range includes warning, signal and tactile belts, guidelines, leading stripes and ribs, tactile studs, buttons or knobs, detectable tiles, various types of surface mounted tactile paving and other orientation systems. We supply also adhesive labels and signs with Braille and provide related services.

Handi-friendly s.r.o.