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Guiding line ME-11

Guiding line (directional tactile pad) type ME-11

Standard:  In accordance with DIN 32984 norm.
Dimensions:  900 x 306 mm
Material:  Made of elastomer (belt) and two-component cold plastic (lines).
Colour:  Various colour combinations (see below)
Application:  Used as surface mounted tactile paving (directional lines) for outdoor as well as indoor applications. To be placed over the existing paving, which makes the installation simple, quick and cost effective (it eliminates excavation and the footpath can be re-opened within a few hours).
Exterior:  Suitable for the application on matured bitumen and concrete surfaces. Installation by gluing using two-component cold plastic (methacrylate resin).
Interior:  Installation over surfaces such as ceramic / clay, marble or granite tiles, etc. by using glue that is already pre-applied at the bottom of the product and covered by a plastic protection film.

Guiding line ME-11Guiding line ME-11Guiding line ME-11

Guiding line ME-11Guiding line ME-11

Guiding line ME-11

Available colour combinations with order numbers:

ME-1101-S   Guiding line 900×306 mm white/white strips
ME-1102-S   Guiding line 900×306 mm white/black strips
ME-1103-S   Guiding line 900×306 mm white/yellow strips
ME-1104-S   Guiding line 900×306 mm white/grey strips
ME-1105-S   Guiding line 900×306 mm yellow/white strips
ME-1106-S   Guiding line 900×306 mm yellow/black strips
ME-1107-S   Guiding line 900×306 mm yellow/yellow strips
ME-1108-S   Guiding line 900×306 mm yellow/grey strips
ME-1109-S   Guiding line 900×306 mm black/white strips
ME-1110-S   Guiding line 900×306 mm black/black strips