Hendi FriendlyOrientation systems for the blind
and visually impaired

Tactile studs AL-23

Aluminium tactile paving studs with anti-slip surface – type AL-23

Surface mounted warning studs made of aluminium are produced in format Ø35/25 mm.
They are made in accordance with the international norm ISO 23599/2012 in various versions and are suitable (as a tactile orientation system for blind and visually impaired people) for indoor applications.
There is non-abrasive slip-resistant tape (colour options) applied on the top of the studs.
Tactile studs (tactile truncated domes) are made of AlMgSi and are available in 3 versions:
– with pin (for fixation into pre-drilled holes in floors)
– without pin (for fixation using additional glue like MAMUT or similar)
– self-adhesive with high-quality AFT adhesive tape

Order numbers of all versions are mentioned below the following photos of aluminium tactile studs.

Tactile studs AL-23Tactile studs AL-23Tactile studs AL-23

Available versions with order numbers:

AL-2301      Tactile stud Ø35/25×4,5 mm with anti-slip tape (on the top), without pin
AL-2301-P  Tactile stud Ø35/25×4,5 mm with anti-slip tape (on the top), with pin
AL-2301-S  Tactile stud Ø35/25×5 mm with anti-slip tape (on the top), self-adhesive (AFT tape)